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Era of We Code of Conduct


Era of We is a responsible and trustworthy company in a rapidly changing and complex business environment. To adhere to a high ethical standard will not only benefit the company’s own employees but rather all partners of the community. Therefore, Era of We has drafted an employee code of conduct handbook which includes the Era of We core values and policies that adheres to a high business standard. These values and policies within legal, ethical, environmental and employee standards are promoted and expected to be followed by our own employees.   

Hence, the company has decided to extend these values to the community in hope that if all stakeholders within the Era of We community will contribute and carry out their business to the minimum of the Era of We business ethics and code of conduct. We all ensure that we are trying to make this world a little bit better day by day. 

The Era of We code of conduct is the minimum standards of business conduct what we expect from a partner. If a partner has been informed, become aware that any member in its operation is/has violated the Era of We code of conduct. The member should inform Era of We about the violation and the actions that the partner will take to remedy and prevent the issue from happening again. If the violation is not corrected, or if the violation is severe, and might impact the Era of We community and reputation. Era of We will have the right to discontinue, cancel or terminate the agreement with the member.  


Era of We and its partners (together, “Era of We”) is committed to conducting its business in an ethical, legal, environmentally and socially responsible manner. Era of We works continuously to improve the sustainability of its operations as demonstrated by its Era of We Code. 

While our policies ensure that we comply with applicable laws, our Era of We code demonstrates our commitment to invest in protecting the environment, enhancing traceability and expanding the development of sustainable production programmes. 

1.1 The Era of We code: The Era of We code: Our code is based on 40 critical criteria together with one of the following certification standards that Era of We embraces; (i) Rainforest Alliance (ii) Fairtrade (iii) 4C.

Estates that want to be part of Era of We need to also pass an Era of We compliant audit. Estates that have a valid certificate from either of (i), (ii) or (iii) above, are considered having passed an Era of We compliant audit.

1.2 The Era of We code in relation to clusters/hand-in-hand/cooperatives: Brand owners or cluster managers shall maintain an Internal Management System to manage and monitor the compliance of cluster-/hand-in-hand-/cooperative members against this code of conduct. Era of We always work for a value distribution that is beneficial for all partners and participants. We expect Brand owners or cluster managers to engage in and be supportive of these business practices and create an ecosystem of winning partners.

We set out below our Era of We Code of Conduct which we expect our partners to act in accordance with:


Era of we conducts its business in compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations including antitrust laws, applicable sanction regimes and is not engaged in bribery, corruption, money laundering or other fraudulent practices. We expect the same from our partners and a partner must have in place policies and procedures to ensure such compliance.


3.1 Child labour and modern slavery: We are committed to acting ethically and with integrity in all our business relationships and to implementing and enforcing effective systems and controls to ensure slavery and human trafficking are not taking place anywhere in our supply chains or in any part of our business. We adhere to local laws regarding minimum employment age and do not employ children who are under the local minimum school leaving age. We expect the same approach from our Partners and that a partner complies with the (i) United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, (ii) the International Labour Organization core labour standards, convention 182 (worst forms of child labour) and 138 (minimum age), (iii) conventions and (iv) applicable laws governing child labour, slavery, forced or compulsory labour and human trafficking.

3.2 Abuse: Under no circumstance do we permit the use of violence, harassment or abuse in any of our operations. Our Partner should also operate in this way.

3.3 Discrimination: It is our policy that no job applicant or employee receives less favorable treatment on the grounds of sexual orientation, age, race, color, nationality, ethnic origin, religion, belief, disability or marital status or is disadvantaged by conditions and requirements which cannot be shown to be justifiable. In addition, we are committed to granting all workers Freedom of Association so that any employee who is associated with any collective bargaining or trade union does not receive less favorable treatment. Our Suppliers should also operate in such a non- discriminatory way.


4.1 Traceability: By investing in supply chain intelligence, we are continuing our on-going commitment to our partners to provide fully traceable and sustainable commodities. We expect our partners to have in place enhanced levels of control and transparency to assist us in our commitment to provide traceability throughout the supply chain.

4.2 Sustainability: We are committed to improving the quality of our farmers’ yields, quality of product and, in turn, their income. Every local market is different, but where possible this will include: (i) engaging with farmers directly and through farmer organizations; (ii) training to improve agricultural practices, resulting in better farm management, yields and quality; (iii) certification to enable trade in higher value markets; (iv) access to better inputs and credit; and (v) access to better genetics and technologies. We expect our partners to engage in and be supportive of such sustainability practices.

4.3 Business model: We are committed to improving the value of all partners in a sustainable business model and in turn, deliver (i) stable prices of coffee (ii) never go below cost of production for any participant in the ecosystem (iii) shared value with opportunity to new revenue streams (iv) access to direct communication and insights of products and services. We expect our partners to engage in and be supportive of these business practices and create an ecosystem of winning partners.


We are committed to improving the environments in which we operate; at a bare minimum we expect our partners to comply with environmental laws, hold required permits and commit to improve environmental practices and minimize the environmental impact of their operations through, amongst others: (i) efficient use of natural resources; (ii) the responsible use of water and energy resources and maintenance of air quality; (iii) proper recycling or disposal of waste; (iv) practices to limit problems related to pesticides and deforestation.


Our policy is to comply with applicable laws by taking all reasonably practical steps to safeguard the health and safety at work of all our people, and the safety of our partners, and all others who are affected by our activities. Our partners should also adhere to local health and safety laws and work towards safeguarding the health and safety of their employees.


7.1 Diversity and inclusiveness 

The partner should ensure equal opportunities irrespective of gender, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, religion or ethnicity in hiring, pay and/ or career advancement.

7.2 Misrepresentation and dishonesty 

Community partners of Era of We should never misrepresent any document or not alter the true nature of any transaction. Always aim and strive for correctness: All members must do their best to be correct and accurate when preparing any information for the community, but so understand that sometimes mistakes could happen. However, intentional efforts to misrepresent or inappropriately record transactions, or otherwise to falsify a business record, are Code violations. Protect Era of We assets and use those assets in the manner intended.

7.3 Anti-corruption and anti bribery

Era of We comply with anti-corruption and anti-bribery laws as may be applicable wherever Era of We do business. The anti-bribery policy is simply that the company and employees of the company shall not accept or offer bribes in any form. The activities that are included but not limited to in the policy are employment of relatives, political contributions or donations, extortion, and charity.


Protection of intellectual property rights is vital for any company. Era of We and its community partners depends on intellectual property such as information, trademarks, processes, and technology. 

  • All Era of We partners must only use intellectual property, Software and information Technology that has been lawfully obtained and licensed. Furthermore, only these assets in accordance with the obtained rights (License of Terms of Use) for each respective asset.

  • All of Era of We partners must safe-guard and use the tangible or intangible assets of Era of We and other partners responsible, appropriate and in accordance with the terms of use and guidelines.

  • All Era of We partners must only use provided software, platforms, tools and information technology as intended and thereof intended purpose. Era of We prohibits partners from using the provided technology to intimidate, harass, threaten, abuse, sexually explicit or in a manner that could be considered offensive or inappropriate. Or use the Era of We technology to communicate in a false, degenerative, or malicious manner. 


If you wish to report questionable behavior or a possible violation of the Era of We Code of Conduct, you are encouraged to work with your primary Era of We contact in resolving your concern. If that is not possible or appropriate, please contact Era of We through any of the following methods: 


Postal address: BOX 2003, SE- 663 11 Hammarö, Sweden.

Website: Era of We 

Through partnering with Era of We you confirm that you comply with the above principles. This Code goes beyond compliance with the law and aims to advance social and environmental responsibility. We may assess your compliance with this Code at any time we have a business relationship with you, and any violations of this Code may lead to termination of our business relationship.

Era of we will review this Code on a regular basis and will introduce revisions where necessary or appropriate. We will notify our partners and users of any important changes, but partners and users will always find the most up to date version of the Code on the Era of We website at

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